May 02, 2014

Publishing your Calendar

Access your workouts on your mobile device

Calendar integration is now available to all SportTracks users!

This is an great opportunity to pare down on the explosion and splintering of data.  If you're like me, you want to have all your data in one place, available everywhere.  It's a tall task, to say the least, but this is one of the ways that we can manage our busy training schedules with a little more ease.

So, without further ado, here is a walk through of publishing your SportTracks calendar to Google Calendar and Apple Calendar (both iOS and OSX).

In this blog:


Finding the url to give to your favorite calendar software

1. Head to the account page at

2. Enable the "Publish to iCalendar" setting

3. Copy your custom iCal url


Add your published calendar to Google Calendar

1. Click the down arrow by "Other Calendars" and click "Add by URL"

2. Paste your unique URL into the text box:

3. Wait while it's importing:

4. And then... Voila! (The red boxes are my planned events from SportTracks.)

Adding your published calendar to Apple Calendar

1. Let's start at the main menu

2. Then add our custom URL we copied earlier.

3. Add a little detail:

4. Then you're done!  So quick!

How to add your published calendar to iPhone Calendar

1. Let's start by getting the url:

2. Then head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other

3. Paste the url:

4. Which should bring up a page the confirms your calendars:

5. And that's it!


I know, I know, it took too long.  Believe me, I wanted this out almost more than you did.  But at least it's out now.  

Let us know what you find, and keep the suggestions coming.


Hi, just created a future workout, then synced the ICL link to Google Calendar, but nothing shows up in Google.
All my other "external" calendars to Google work fine by using ICL links.

I'm gonna try different settings in several future worouts, and see if that makes a difference.

I obviously meant ".ICS" links... silly me.

Did you make sure to enable the "Publish to iCalendar" setting?

This would certainly prevent it from being available.

I did. All is setup as you describe in the blog post.
Should there be a delay updating the calendar?

Should all activities and scheduling options be visible in google? Or only certain types of planned workouts are synced?
Or asking in a different way: Is there a specific formatting google expects that would prevent certain workouts to get synced?

As of a few minutes ago, you should have two events being published to your calendar.

Please send an email to if you're unable to get the calendar published.

and, importantly, if I add something to the calendar via google calendar, will it be updated on sportracks???

Thanks for the great question. This feature is a one-way sync. We would like enable this type of bi-directional integration, but it's not yet an available feature.

In order to update your training schedule, it will have to be completed in

Great, it works!

Did not work in Google with the URL but it works when importing the downloaded ICS file.

I got the exact same result. I can import the downloaded ICS file into Google, but I get nothing when I "add by URL".
I'm sorry, but this feature needs debugging...
I really want to love SportTracks, come on guys!

no google for me either...calendar adds, but the test workout I loaded isn't showing up. Cool feature though...

It works now with Google. Don't know what changed, but it works. Thanks guys

For everyone that's having issues with Google Calendar and syncing via the ICS URL, please be aware Google Calendar will only sync with your URL once every 24hrs. Unfortunately you cannot force a manual sync either.

So if you wait it out overnight you should see all your workouts the following day!

That is absolutely correct.
1 day after I added the URL, I can now see my planned workouts in Google Calendar as well.

Please add the 24h delay info to the Google instructions.

Please note a bug : my (french) last name has an accent (Rémond), then the URL for Calendar has been generated with an accent... which is obviously incompatible with URL standard (and is rejected par Calendar on OSX). I tried to change my last name (without an accent) but the URL kept the same :-(
Please filtered not compatible character with URL standard (being less "american langage" centric ;-) Thanks a lot !!

Any workaround for this bug ?? Thanks...

We're working on this and hope to have a fix out soon. Sorry for the trouble.

Should be fixed now. Go to your user settings, click the "Disable" button, then click "Enable". You'll see a new "friendly" URL you can copy.

Is this feature only for future events or can it also sync past events?

This is only for future events. We went back and forth about whether to show past events, but the people we polled said it felt "off" or "strange" to have past events on their schedule.

Ah that's a pity, would have been nice if it updated my calendar with the actual time of the run afterwards.

Hello. Thanks for the new development. I've succeeded in syncing workouts to my gmail calendar on my computer but I can't get them to sync onto my Android phone. I am able to sync other appointments in gmail from my computer onto my phone. I'm using Android 4.4.2. Is there a solution to this or am I missing a step in the process? Thanks

I've sorted this by downloading the Google Calendar app. This seems to download all appointments (including the Sporttracks ones) onto my phone and these then get picked up by the standard calendar on the phone. (Google calendar appointments (excl the Sporttracks ones) were able to sync onto my phone without having the Google Calendar app on my phone as an intermediate step.)

When can we sync our Sporttracks calendar with outlook calendar?

Since this post. May 02, 2014. Two years ago. :)

I can see my calendar on my iPhone however I cannot see any details of the work out. Am I missing something in settings? I hope so, because having my runs scheduled in my calendar is not meaningful if I can't see any planned details like distance and pace.

Is there a way to import my training Calendar from Garmin Connect into SportTracks?

Just an FYI - all of the Apple setup info is out of date. You now have to create the link on your Mac, then tell it the calendar lives in iCloud when you paste the subscription link. You CAN add it to your iPhone or iPad, but it won't make it to iCloud.