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Integrate with the SportTracks platform

The SportTracks API offers a great way to get your app in front of endurance athletes who are serious about performance. Our users run farther, ride bigger and swim faster than any other community. Our advanced data analysis, planning and performance modeling features provide a real value to users of your fitness and health tracking app .

Integration is fast and easy. We use OAuth2 for authentication and a REST API or file upload for data exchange. Partners have access to workouts, health metrics (such as weight and body fat), and training gear history.

Getting started

Send an email to for more information and to receive your client credentials.


Authentication - How to authorize your client to exchange user data.

Activities - Creating, reading, updating and deleting user workouts.

Planned Workouts -Reading planned workouts.

Gear - Shoes, bikes and GPS gadgets. Gear is used during a workout

Health Metrics - Tracking changes to a user's body composition.

Data Structures - Reference definitions of the data structures.