Jun 16, 2020

Workout Export

Combine, summarize and analyze data like never before

SportTracks has lots of easy-to-use features designed to quickly show your important performance metrics. But what if you want to do custom calculations, summarize data into groups or combine with external data? With the new Export to CSV feature on the workouts page, now you can.

To export your workout summary info, to go the workouts page and click the Export button

After some time, a CSV file of your workouts will be downloaded to the browser that you can open in Excel, Google Sheets, Open Office or your favorite spreadsheet program. The workouts will be filtered by the search criteria you selected, using the sort order and columns of the table as it is displayed.

The exported data will look just like you see in the browser, including any unit conversion for distance, elevation, calories, speed and pace. If you're doing some basic analysis this can save you lots of time. However, if you want to do more complex calculations, you may need to extract the number data from columns to remove any unit labels, and do some basic math to convert to SI units such as meters.

You can do conversion with formulas such as FIND, LEFT, RIGHT, VALUE and FORMAT. Google is your friend here, there are lots of examples online to discover. Or if you're not a spreadsheet expert or are just doing a quick analysis, simply search and replace to remove unit information and give you raw numbers.

Once you have your data formatted as you like, it's simple to summarize by different descriptive columns such as location or sport, and then you're off to the races with the spreadsheet charting.


I would prefer to be able to connect to Power BI and analyze / visualize my data directly in there instead of manual export from sporttracks and importing in a BI tool of my preference.

I’d like to be able to add gear as a column in the workouts view. If I forget to flag a shoe on a long run, there is no way to see it. If I could add it as a column, it would be obvious.

Agree on that D.Stankard! All data should be possible to export.
It would be both useful in Sportrack and cool to "play" with in Excel/PowerBI. And if I ever need (not want, but need) to change main tracking tool, it would be a shame that all years of tracking gears history is lost.