May 02, 2017

Swimming with a running watch

How to track swims with the Garmin Forerunner 230, 235, or 630

The ability to accurately track swims used to require a dedicated swimming watch, or a more advanced (and more expensive) multi-sport watch. Recently, a free Connect IQ app called Pool Swim made it possible to track pool workouts with a Garmin 230, 235, or 630 — all mid-level running watches that lack built-in swim tracking features.

In case you're not familiar, Garmin has an app ecosystem called Connect IQ, which enables you to download specific apps to suit your needs. For example, an app called Workout Builder enables you to wirelessly send custom, structured workouts that you create in your SportTracks calendar to your Garmin watch. If you want to start tracking swimming workouts, Pool Swim is the answer.

A Garmin 230 watch on a swimmer's arm

Like all Connect IQ apps, Pool Swim is available as a free download. You can only use it with the Forerunner 230, 235, and 630 because they have access to Connect IQ (many older Garmin watches don't have access), and they lack native swim tracking capabilities.

Using the app

Pool Swim is impressively versatile. After you launch it, if you hold the Up button on your watch for three seconds, you enter a Settings mode. Here you can adjust the length of the pool, turn on Autolap, and customize the data screens that are displayed when you're working out.

However, this app doesn't have access to all of the features of your watch. For example, it cannot display the Distance and Speed fields. These always remain at 0, even when you analyze your data afterward in Garmin Connect. This is a limitation Garmin imposes on Connect IQ apps. The good news is that if you bring your Pool Swim workouts into SportTracks, this data is displayed and is fully available for analysis.

The workout detail page of a swim in SportTracks

Another interesting feature of Pool Swim is that it utilizes heart rate data, which isn't common in swim tracking. If you use the Garmin 235, the app uses the built-in heart rate monitor on the watch. With the Forerunner 230 and 630, you can use the separately available Scosche Rhythm+, which straps to your arm (as opposed to your chest), and provides ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity.

Getting the app

Downloading and installing Pool Swim is fairly painless. This is how it's done:

  1. Plug your watch into a computer with its USB cable
  2. Launch the Garmin Express program
  3. Click on the watch in the program
  4. Click the Manage Apps button
  5. Click Get More Apps in the bottom right corner
  6. Type the name Pool Swim into the search field
  7. Click the Download button (you may need to sign into Garmin Connect at this point)
  8. Press the Sync button in Garmin Express, and you're done!

Wrapping up

In a way, apps like Pool Swim are one of the best reasons to use Garmin devices. Even if you aren't an active swimmer when you purchase the watch, you can still track pool workouts later  thanks to the power of the Connect IQ app platform.

Would it be better to use a real swimming watch or a true multi-sport watch that tracked metrics like SWOLF, Stroke Rate, and Efficiency? Absolutely. But using Pool Swim provides you with a detailed record of your workout that's far more useful than swimming with a GPS watch in running mode.

The other day accidentally left my Garmin 230 at home, and didn't realize it until I was walking in the door at the gym. I proceeded to execute the swimming workout dictated by my training plan, and afterward I manually entered the details into SportTracks. This opened my eyes to how data-rich workouts tracked by Pool Swim are, compared with the other options I have at my disposal. If you're training in a pool with one of these watches, this app is a must have.

Article written by Sam Mallery, Director of Marketing, Zone Five Software Inc.


i am Dani, the developer of the app.
thank you very much for the review!
you can find more info on the app as well as the user guide here:

Hey Dani! Thanks for making such a useful CIQ app! And thanks also for introducing people to SportTracks in your user guide and elsewhere. 👍

Was this removed from the store? Doing a search on "Pool Swim" in the connect IQ store doesn't result in any app named Pool Swim.

hi Keith,
it is weird, that you couldn't find it.
this is the link:

Hi Dani,
Yes, a great app and works well with my 235 and Sporttracks. One question though: When I swim every 10 min or so I'll take a 30-60sec break and I pause the app, just as you recommend. However at the end the time data that display for my workout uses the total elapsed time, not the moving or just 'time' like if I'm biking or running. For example today I swam 1500m in 37:51 but it showed 41:59. Any way to change it?


hi Richard,
are you having the issue in sporttracks or in garmin connect?

In garmin connect this is known.
this is a garmin connect issue. during pauses, i set the intensity level to "rest". the idea behind, is that the recording continues, and you can see how you are recovering (for instance, by checking your heart rate).

in 3rd party sites which support FIT2 format, like sporttracks, the rest intervals are properly shown, see:

Hi Dani,
It was with both of the apps but now that you've explained it it makes sense. Thanks a lot!


Hi Daniel, since installing Pool Swim this morning my watch no longer syncs with my android phone. I've restarted both, and removed device in connect. Note the watch is frozen and I can't re-pair. Is this a known issue? Thanks

hi Melissa,
sorry for the delay. i have just seen your email.
i haven't had such an issue. it is true that garmin watches sometimes have issues with certain brands of android phones. i have a xiaomi and from time to time i have to repair the devices, otherwise i will not get notifications, for instance. but rest of functionality just works (syncing activities, installing/configuring apps). i hope you managed to fix your problem.

Hi Daniel -
1. I was reading your User Guide and when I get to the instructions on page 22 - I do not have the option "Connect IQ apps" I very much usiing the app - but cannot get the data to upload to my Garmin Connect.
2. Is there an app for SportTracks?
Thanks - Polly

hi Polly,
1) that is weird. which watch do you have? i have just checked and the option is there. i have found this video which shows the process for a different IQ app. (min 2:23):
In the meantime Garmin has released the app called "Connect IQ Store" which makes easier to install and manage forerunner apps. check here

2) what kind of app do you mean? for swimming? sporttracks supports nicely the fit files generated by my app, unlike other sites like strava or garmin connect.