Oct 15, 2015

Using SportTracks with RunGap

Today RunGap - a workout data manager for iOS - has announced sync integration with SportTracks.

If you're a Polar user this is particularly exiting as RunGap syncs with the Polar Flow website. Using RunGap Polar users can now get their data into SportTracks for advanced analysis. RunGap also supports many other popular platforms such as Nike+, Adidas, and Magellan.

Connecting from RunGap to SportTracks

To connect RunGap to your SportTracks account:

  1. Select "Accounts & Settings" from the upper left menu in RunGap.
  2. Select "SportTracks."
  3. Tap "Connect".
  4. Enter your username and password and authorize RunGap to access your SportTracks account.

RunGap will now connect securely to your SportTracks account.

Sharing your activities on SportTracks

You can upload a single activity directly to SportTracks by opening it from the "Activities" list, tapping the "..." button in the upper right corner and choosing "Share." This will bring up a page where you can choose to share the activity to on or more of the most popular services including SportTracks along with an optional message. The activity will then be uploaded to SportTracks and you will hear a "swoosh" sound when the upload is complete. If the activity already exists on SportTracks, only the title and activity type is updated.

Similarly, you can upload all your activities directly to SportTracks by choosing "Share & Export" from the upper left menu and then "SportTracks." RunGap will then upload all activities missing on SportTracks and update the titles and activity types for the rest. This may take a while the very first time, but RunGap will automatically skip previously uploaded activities which have not been modified and therefore subsequent exports will complete much faster.

Please note that the in-app "Swag Bag" update is required in order to share activities directly to SportTracks.

The SportTracks partner list keeps growing...

RunGap joins a large and growing list of partner devices, smartphone apps, websites and trainer software that integrate and sync directly with SportTracks. We know your time is important and we aim to make data tracking as convenient as possible, so you can focus on your fitness.

For a complete list of compatible solutions visit our Partners page.


Now if only RunGap would support anything other than iOS...

I use Garmin Connect with auto-upload to ST and Strava. Where would Run Gap fit in?

Probably not if you've got everything synching to the services you need.