Dec 03, 2015

Analysis Chart Options

Charts and data available on the analysis page

The analysis page in SportTracks gives you powerful tools to understand your training history and performance. To get the most from this page you’ll need to understand the available charts and workout data described in this article.

Workout data basics

For the purposes of the analysis page, your workouts have two kinds of data:

  • Categorization: Sport, Date (year, month, week, day), Distance and Time range
  • Value metrics: Distance, Time, Speed, Pace, Avg Heartrate, … and more …

In general you can use categorization data for grouping, summarization and series options, while value metrics are used for charting the actual workout values. Makes sense, right?

We currently offer 20 value metrics listed below:

Basic Metrics

  • Total workout count
  • Average workout count
  • Total distance
  • Average distance
  • Total time
  • Average time
  • Total calories
  • Average calories

Performance Metrics

  • Average speed
  • Average pace
  • Elevation gain
  • Average heart rate
  • Total effort
  • Average effort
  • Aerobic efficiency

Cycling Metrics

  • Average cadence
  • Average power
  • nPower
  • iFactor
  • Power variability

Different display types allow different metrics (and categorization) as descried in detail below.

Summary value

The simplest display type is the “Summary value” which shows a single value in the panel:

The summary value type can display all value metrics. If you select average workouts, average time or average distance you can also select the summary per option, illustrated below:

The size option allows you to set the font size to scale with other charts in the row, or to adjust for mobile / desktop resolution.

Line chart

The line chart shows a single value metric over a time period based on the workout start date. You can choose to plot a point every year, month, week or day with the group by option. For metrics which are a total sum, the group metric will also affect how the data is totaled up.

The size option allows you to set the vertical height of the chart.

Bar chart

The bar chart shows a single value metric over time or grouped by the Sport, Time, Distance or Day of week category.

The size option allows you to set the vertical height of the chart.

Pie chart

The pie chart shows a total value metric grouped Sport, Time, Distance, Day of week, Month or Year.

The size option allows you to set the vertical height of the chart.

Scatter plot

The scatter plot allows you to select two values to display on the x and y axis to show relationship between them. You can also select a categorization series.

If you use a heart rate monitor or a cycling power meter the scatter plot can provide good insight of your performance related to different types of workouts.

The size option allows you to set the vertical height of the chart.

Bubble grid

The last chart is one we put in for testing but decided to release it because – why not!

The bubble grid is similar to a scatter plot but instead of showing value metric relationships you can explore categorization on two axis (rows and columns). The bubble color and size is determined by the value metric you choose.

Because the number of rows (and therefore, the panel row height) may be variable based on categorization, this is a weird one. You might want to put it at the bottom of your report in a row by itself.



is it possible to graph effort per week or per month ?


You can view all of your training load metrics including effort, fitness, fatigue and performance within the navigable calendar views. Take a look at the post below on how to add that to your calendar sidebar.

Thnx, missed this.
Exactly what I wanted.

Hi to the Team,
In fact, I found there is a big missing choice among the wonderful panel you offer with the analse page:
What about the Max Power ??
You only consider average power, but, there's noway to see the evolution of maximum power/ duration I think...
Is it in your "to-do-list" or not?
It could be very helpful to see the "power/duration" or Critical Power evolution during a season...

But maybe it's already availabe... ;)
(it'a available on every page for every activity (analyse section), but not on the analyse page...i think!!)

You can find segment best efforts like critical power at times under the personal records page.

Yes, thank yu, i knew this page, which is fantastic...

but, because people love "color chart", and because you're great to do it, i thought it would be possible to see a graph for the power evolution...
(and our power become great because of you so...please go on!!)