Apr 02, 2019

How to Use Planned Workouts

Create a training plan with these powerful features

Do you ever look at your workout calendar on the first of the month and give a sad sigh because it's empty? It doesn't have to be this way! You simply need to put the "Planned Workouts" features in SportTracks to use. This is how you do it...

Note: This post was published in November 2013 and updated in April 2019 to add current features

With planned workouts you can lay out your training plan for a specific event or race, or plan your workouts for an entire season. Scheduling your workouts will keep you on track by letting you see how well you are meeting your goals. Seeing your upcoming workouts is also a great way to hold yourself accountable on those days you're not feeling inspired.

Creating a planned workout

To create a planned workout, switch to the calendar week view by clicking this week's bar chart in the dashboard:

The calendar chart from the dashboard of SportTracks endurance sports software

From the weekly calendar view, click the day number to add a planned workout. You can add a planned workout to any day from today forward.

A screenshot of the smart training calendar in SportTracks endurance sports software

The icon under the 9 above is the SportTracks Daily Notes feature

In the planned workout dialog you can set your sport type, date, time of day and goals. It's also a good idea to give the workout a unique name (emoji is supported). In the Steps tab you can create a dynamic custom workout (which you can then export to a Garmin device). In the Repeat tap you can schedule the workout to repeat daily or weekly. The Notes tab allows you to enter a training note about the workout. This dialog also lets you specify a flag color which will appear in the calendar:

The dialog box for creating a new planned workout in SportTracks endurance sports training software

You can create a primary goal of time or distance, and optionally specify a speed. If a speed is provided, the equivalent distance/time is calculated.

After you save the planned workout it appears in your calendar. The look is similar to a completed workout, but includes the flag, name, time and notes instead of data fields. If you have our Garmin Training Integration enabled, your planned workout will automatically be sent to your Garmin watch or bike computer.

The weekly calendar view showing a planned running workout in SportTracks fitness software

Switching to the monthly view of the calendar, you'll see a smaller view of the planned workout. The name of the workout will be displayed as the goals you set, and the totals for each week are provided as well:

The monthly calendar view in SportTracks endurance sports training software showing planned running, swimming, and cycling workouts

On the monthly view you can also click a calendar day to create a planned workout.

Viewing your upcoming training plan

As you're adding your planned workouts, you'll want to review your total weekly volume goals and workout mix. The monthly view of the calendar is the best place to do this. For any weeks in the future, the weekly summary row at the bottom will show your time, distance and sport types

A screenshot of the monthly calendar view in SportTracks showing three planned workouts in a training plan

For additional details, you can click a planned workout, or flip over to the week view which provides slightly more info.

Another place you'll see your upcoming workouts is on the Dashboard. If you've added a planned workout a new section will appear at the top of the dashboard showing the workouts for the next week.

The Upcoming Workouts module from the Dashboard of SportTracks endurance sports training software showing the countdown of an upcoming running race and a planned 5K tempo run workout

You can click the planned workout to see details, to add additional notes, or to edit the date, goal, etc. You may also notice a delete button. You should only delete a workout if it was mistakenly added to your plan, not to mark it as "missed". If you're going to miss the workout there is nothing you need to do - as soon as you move past the workout date it will be marked as "missed" unless an actual completed workout is performed that matches the plan.

Read more about monitoring your training plan here.


Very cool! is there a way to get a graphical view of the planned workouts in terms of time or distance? That would help with the planning stage. It seems i can only see the individual planned workouts in mobi would be nice to see a summary and/or graph

Certainly needed, thanks, however I don't see any totals that include the planned runs? I have to pull out my calculator to tally the week. for example, this week I have done 10 and 16k, and have entered 4 planned runs totalling another 54k, for a planned total of 80k. However the total for the week only shows 26. What am I missing?

I have the same problem as mentioned above by Stephen Jackson. Mobi seems to total planned workouts for weeks where there are no "actual" workouts, but once you have a recorded workout, it no longer includes planned workouts in the weekly projection/total.

Also, I only see these totals on the "month" view, and don't see totals for planned workouts on the "weekly" view.


Can one add recurring workouts

+1 for recurring workouts/copy planned workout

+2 for recurring pls - would move me away from Training Peaks (unless they do recurring first...)

+3 for recurring workout scheduling. Also, need way to save workouts to be recycled for future races. Also, need ability to plan out a training season. Need ability to automatically ramp up training load in volume or distance. It's tedious to do this one by one and not have them saved for next year.

I have fitplan but if mobi doesn't talk to my local copy, it really limits my usage of the .mobi version.

Thanks for adding this much needed feature.

+4 for recurring workouts.
+1 for saved workouts to be assigned to various dates as desired.

Also, I'd like to see this feature on the Windows PC Sport Tracks application.

The "Add planned workout" feature now includes a repeating option that allows you to create multiple planned workouts at once. The options are quite flexible including the ability to progressively increase the time/distance goal.

Great addition...
As Paul just wrote, there's no way to edit a recurring entry as a... recurring entry, meaning you've got to do right the first time and cannot change the duration or anything for all workouts.
That's a good start but this need to be improved to make it usable.
Thanks for all the work...

Yup, that's by design. You can edit individual workouts later. Once created, there is no association with a "series" or anything of that nature - the workouts are simply copied repeatedly after the goal adjustment and date parameters are specified.

How would you suggest I add a planned workout that included time in different zones? Say for example, a tempo run that includes 20min of warmup/cooldown on each end, but with 20min at T pace/effort/HR in the middle? I've tried inputting a planned run of 40min at the appropriate Intensity, and a 20min at the appropriate Intensity, but it didn't recognize that I had completed the 20min when that time came.


Ideally: You want to create a planned workout with intervals.

Problem: We don't offer that yet. It's quite a popular idea, so I think it's going to come soon:


Solution *TODAY*:

You need your planned workout to match your actual workout. So you need to make a decision on the option:

1. Create 3 separate planned workouts, then stop the watch and restart after warmup and before cooldown.

*** It's going to effect your total workouts metrics, which you might not want, but your workout pace will be accurate, and you can re-categorize the warmup/cooldown separately, as a walk or recovery running or something, which is nice.


2. Create 1 planned workout, use your T pace as the goal pace, and put the warmup/cooldown in the notes.

*** This is going to throw the plan/actual pace/time off, and analyzing the overall speed will be a bit more difficult, since the "workout" is now a segment within the bigger workout.

There is a 3rd option which I'll call 1b, and that is only planning your actual workouts, and excluding the warmup/cooldown time from your plan.

My personal approach is #1. I don't mind stopping/starting the watch, and I like to see warmup/cooldown as separate workouts. I typically categorize these as walks, and call it a day. Then in my logbook I have just the runs as runs, and it's "cleaner" for mileage and time totals.

But... this is just how I do it, and others do it differently.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Although I like the idea of starting/stopping the watch and wouldn't mind doing that...I think it's simpler in the long run (for both the running as well as inputting runs in ST calendar) to estimate the average effort for the workout and choose that as the "planned" intensity. So, the above workout with the T work came in around effort of 44...if I choose 60min at "04-Moderate" Intensity then that gets me pretty close to that 44 (48 actually).

But yes, a structured workout planned would be even better. Thanks again!

Did the work out flag color disappear? I'm trying to visually flag hard and easy days in the calendar and thus looked like the best way of doing it, but it doesn't show up for me as in the screenshot.

The colored flag feature still exists. Click the check box in the upper right corner of the dialog to change the flag color.

I was experimenting with this feature but was expecting that the Intensity field would be automatically calculated from the duration and pace. It doesn't appear to be... so how should I estimate intensity in advance?

Hello Aaron,
Any plans to integrate with TrainAsOne soon ?

As someone who uses efforts as a planing tool and measure of my workouts I would love to see them as historical data in the Dashboard. The Calendar view allows me to arrange the data displayed so I can see them. Is there a way to do the same in the Dashboard?


Est-ce possible de récupèrer les entraînements planifiés sur Wahoo fitness elment bold?

Merci d'avance de votre aide


Is it possible to recover the planned workouts on Wahoo fitness elment bold?

Thank you in advance for your assistance

Is it possible to name events as races ie ‘half marathon’, 10K, Parkrun etc so that like events can be filtered and compared? In Suunto Movescount this can be done using the tags field, but it doesn’t transfer when moved across to SportTracks.